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Beverly Hills Dental OfficeIf you want a smile that allows you to feel more confident when going about your day and interacting with others, then it’s time to meet with a Beverly Hills Dentist from TruGlo Modern Dentistry. We know how important dental health is for most people, so we hope that if there is something that aches or doesn’t quite look how you want it to, you contact us for help. We can help you achieve a smile that is bright and shining at its best while making sure there are no concerning oral health issues. We work with people and their teeth every day and have the compassion to hear people’s concerns and create a plan to address them. 

Before or after your dental treatments with us, we suggest taking a break and enjoying one of these sites:

The Los Angeles Country ClubThe Los Angeles Country Club

The Los Angeles Country Club was established in 1897 by a group of locals who organized a voluntary association that focuses on furthering the sport of golf. This original group was called the Los Angeles Golf Club and leased a sixteen-acre lot to lay out a golf course with nine holes. It is located on the corner of Alvarado and Pico Street and is hard to miss. The first course was named The Windmill Links, after an abandoned windmill that soon became too small to hold the entire crowd. After that, their next lot, which was called Pico Heights and located at 16th street and Hobart, also soon became overcrowded due to popularity. From its initial start and on, the Los Angeles Country Club has taken pride in making each guest feel like a genuinely valued member of this elite golf club. 

As a Beverly Hills Dentist clinic, we know there is so much in life to enjoy. Depending on whether you are getting a cleaning or a more serious procedure, our team can recommend where you can have a good time after visiting our clinic. We strive to provide a quality of care that is unmatched, so to schedule a consultation at TruGlo Modern Dentistry about dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, or need an emergency dentist, give us a ring today! 

Beverly CenterBeverly Center

When we’re not feeling good, it shows, and nothing helps blow off a little steam or tension like retail therapy. Through our care, we have witnessed that smile that opens up when people finally feel confident about their teeth, so why not soak in that feeling by indulging yourself a little more? The Beverly Center has more than enough stores to shop from, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zara, Saint Laurent, and more. A Beverly Hills Dentist can make suggestions on where to go if you aren’t sure!

In case you’re hungry after your visit with us, consider hopping over to Beverly Center for some grub. Whether you’re in the mood for an egg sandwich from Eggslut, modern Mexican from Tocaya, fresh choices from Pitchoun Bakery & Cafe, or something else, they’ve got you covered. Beverly Center is located just under a couple of miles from us, so it’s worth the stop when you’re visiting for a dental implant with a cosmetic dentist, or unwinding after an emergency dentist session. They have an impressive artistic display called “A Forest For The Trees”, which is an immersive experience that was built collaboratively by The Atlantic journalists, environmental scientists, tribal leaders, and artists. With these captivating illusions, you can talk to trees, walk on water, control fire with your hands, and other sensory stimulations. 

Los Angeles County Museum of ArtLos Angeles County Museum of Art

Within a few minutes’ drive from our Beverly Hills Dentist office is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Looking at artwork has a way of centering our body and mind. So whether you were visiting us for a cleaning, dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, or were ushered to the emergency dentist, what you really could use right about now is probably easy mosey around as you gander as stunning visual art. Current exhibitions at LACMA display Spanish American and Indigenous Colombian collections, in addition to Alexander McQueen, graphic activists, animals and the zodiac, Paris cinema, and more. As our Beverly Dentist team would suggest, be sure to check out the website for exhibit changes seasonally. There is dining at the LACMA, with a menu of pastries, coffees, teas, burgers, and other light options (closed on Wednesdays). Don’t forget to check out the LACMA store to bring home an art goodie or treasure!

We hope this list of some great places to visit near us helps you use up your free time in a way that makes you feel good. Why not have fun since you’re already in the area? When you come to see us, consider making a day out of it or at least spend a couple of hours indulging yourself — you deserve it! If you need to speak with a member of our Beverly Hills Dentist clinic for cleanings, dental implants, emergency dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, then call TruGlo Modern Dental today!

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