How to Brush Your Teeth for Kids

A kid image showing how to brush

Proper oral care is important at any age as it is directly related to heart and overall health. Establishing a good oral care routine young can help your child maintain good dental health for the rest of their life. Many parents wonder when they should …

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Things that Stain Your Teeth

Stock image showing coffee , chocolate and spoon

Having white teeth can give someone the confidence to smile and feel good about their appearance. However, stained teeth are a common occurrence as the foods we eat, beverages we drink, and certain daily habits can impact the whiteness of our teeth. Certain things stain …

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Mistakes to Avoid with Dentures

Stock image showing dentures

Dentures are a way to replace teeth that have been lost due to natural aging or due to an injury. Roughly fifteen percent of people who lose their teeth get dentures. Dentures can be an investment for many, so maintaining them can be helpful. Below …

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Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Stock image showing a girl vaping

Vaping negatively impacts your teeth and your overall health. While it seems to be less risky than actual cigarettes, it has a significant impact on your oral health. Because vaping is still a new phenomenon, the long-term effects are unclear. However, the effects on your …

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Do Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed?

Graphic image showing wisdow teeth inside mouth

Most people experience their wisdom teeth growing in during their late teens and even into early adulthood. We commonly refer to wisdom teeth as your back molars and are the last teeth to grow in. While many people get their wisdom teeth removed for several …

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How to Quit Smoking

Stock image showing woman stopping cigarette from falling on desk

If you’re a smoker, you’ve probably already had every health professional you’ve ever met and a sizeable number of your friends tell you to quit smoking. You’ve probably tried quitting more times than you’d care to count, but the cravings are just impossible. If you …

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Helping Your Dentist Help You

Close up of two plastic white toothbrushes with pink and blue bristle on pink and blue background. Free copy space.

After undergoing an oral procedure, life can be a little uncomfortable due to after dentist pain. There’s the numbness, the swelling, and the inevitable gauze. Despite all of your discomfort, this is where the healing starts. It is crucial to follow your Dentist’s specific instructions …

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