Can Fillings Cause Headaches?

Man with headaches from fillings.

Tooth decay is highly common and one of the most effective treatment options is dental fillings. In fact, the average American has at least 3 fillings, and roughly 25% of the American population has 11 or more fillings. There are wide variety of materials that …

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Importance of a Whiter Smile

Stock image showing male and female models smiling and showing whiter teeth

Keeping your smile white is important as your smile and teeth are one of the first noticeable things about your appearance when others see you. Being able to smile confidently with white teeth is not only a self-esteem boost, but a desirable aesthetic. Keeping your …

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How to Care for Sensitive Teeth

Stock image showing a male model feeling tooth sensitivity while eating an ice pop

Have you ever bit into an ice cream cone and had the sensation of sharp pain in your teeth? Or maybe you’ve noticed during your latest dental cleaning from your dentist in Los Angeles? Tooth sensitivity is a more common dental issue than not. Many …

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Understanding the Different Types of Dentists

Stock image showing doctors hands one on top of each other

Our mouth is a unique part of our body that is composed of many working parts. It’s no wonder that in the world of dentistry there are many different specialists, focusing on the health and vitality of certain areas. When deciding on the best dentist …

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The Simple Guide to Taking Care of Your Teeth

Various types of brushes stock image

Taking care of our teeth is a vital part of our health as humans. Today, there are many over-the-counter products and dental treatments out there to help aid in oral hygiene. Disease and tooth loss is still possible, but most are easily treatable by a …

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