How Root Canals Revamp Your Smile

Root canals have a bad reputation. In fact, many people joke that they would rather do anything else than have a root canal done. However, the truth behind it all is that sometimes root canals are necessary, and are a great way to save a tooth that is at risk of being lost. Most people find that it isn’t any more uncomfortable than having a cavity filling. Our Beverly Hills, CA root canal treatment dentist will tell you that along with it being an effective intervention for a tooth that may be lost, it can revamp your smile as well, turning into a win-win situation.

How does a root canal prevent losing a tooth?

When the pulp (center) of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed, root canals are performed. A tooth infection can be incredibly dangerous, especially if bacteria gets into your bloodstream. If this bacteria travels to the brain or heart, it can result in a stroke or heart attack. Removing the tooth is one way to get rid of the infection and inflammation, but it’s drastic when there is another option available. As a team member at TruGlo Modern Dental explains, during a root canal, the infected pulp is eradicated, but you can still keep your tooth.

Is it bad to have a missing tooth?

There is no judgment if you ever need to have a tooth removed. But many people find that missing a tooth leaves them feeling insecure about themselves and their oral health. If you get a root canal, then you keep your tooth and there is no change to your smile or otherwise. But after a tooth loss, there can be some consequences. For instance, your jawbone could shrink because it doesn’t have the stimulation of your tooth root. A weaker jaw bone can result in losing other teeth and contribute to facial sagging. A tooth that stays in the jaw means that you won’t have to deal with these unpleasant side effects.

Will a root canal get rid of my pain?

An infection of the tooth can be immensely painful. Not only do you have throbbing and aching in the tooth itself, but you could have swelling around the gum, in addition to trouble chewing, fever, and tenderness. But once your root canal is performed, the symptoms will subside, allowing you to go about your life as normal and not having to worry about pain while eating again. Because you won’t be dealing with pain anymore, you will feel happier too.

With a root canal, you can probably get a crown placed to protect the tooth further. Crowns cover the teeth above the gumline and address cosmetic concerns. Root canals get rid of pain, make your smile bigger, and revamps the look of your dental health. There is no shame in knowing that you need a dental concern fixed. If you leave it alone, it’s likely to just worsen overtime. Those who are in need of a root canal or other type of dental treatment are encouraged to visit a dental clinic near them for more information.