Invisalign: For Those Who Don’t Want Braces

When people think of getting their teeth aligned, they may imagine braces. While braces can certainly fix and straighten teeth successfully, there are some people who just cannot stand the thought of having metal in their mouth. And that’s okay! If you are someone who cringes at the idea of placing metal brackets on your teeth, then Invisalign is probably the choice for you. Invisalign has become a leading option for teeth straightening. Here’s a rundown of why people love it so much compared to traditional braces.

What if I don’t like the way braces look?

With Invisalign, you can essentially work on straightening your teeth without worrying about smiling with a mouth full of braces. Invisalign prevents this concern by replacing brackets with clear plastic aligners instead. These clear trays fundamentally work in the same way as braces, by applying gentle yet constant pressure to move teeth into proper placement. But the great thing is you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the meantime! Invisalign aligners are see-through and made of light plastic, so you can wear them confidently. Most people won’t notice you have them on until you tell them.

Is Invisalign more comfortable?

Not only will you have more discretion and confident appearance with Invisalign, but comfort too. Our Beverly Hills, CA Invisalign dentist  has the experience to know that Invisalign trays are what is usually best tolerated by patients. There will be a slight change in feeling when a person switches trays for the next set of aligners, but this is minimal in comparison to metal bracket braces. Most people get used to the new set of aligners within a day or two as the teeth adjust to the change of pressure. Patients are unlikely to deal with ulcers or blisters from wearing Invisalign, and food is less likely to get stuck on the teeth which can lead to inflammation of the gums.

How can I know the treatment will work?

Invisalign treatments are planned ahead of time by utilizing computer guided software. Scans of your teeth are taken digitally and the computer calculates the sequence of aligners needed to coax teeth into their desired outcome. Such technology allows the patient and dentist to see progress of treatment from the initial aligner to the last set. Patients can go into the process of clear aligners knowing what their end goal will look like. At each stage your dentist can give you an idea of how far along you are in your treatment.

Can I remove Invisalign sometimes?

If you use Invisalign, you can take out the aligners when eating and clean them easily. But be mindful that your aligners should still be worn 20-22 hours to be as effective as possible. When wearing braces, the metal brackets get adhered to the teeth, meaning that food tends to get stuck on them and will be more difficult to keep clean. Food that is too hard could get stuck to the braces themselves. Just to maintain the braces so food doesn’t build up is extra work. As a team member at TruGlo Modern Dental explains, many patients prefer Invisalign because they can remove it when they want and can clean it thoroughly within moments.

If you are someone that dislikes the idea of traditional metal braces, thankfully, there’s a cleaner and more pleasant option!