Why You Don’t Want To Put Off Deep Cleanings

Our Beverly Hills, CA dentist will tell you that routine dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining oral hygiene. But did you know that there are various degrees of cleaning? Routine cleanings by a dental hygienist sometimes isn’t enough. If bacteria has made it under the gum line, then you’ll need a deeper dental cleaning so that your gums can return to proper health. Routine dental cleanings only focus on the part of the tooth from the gum line up. These are not invasive cleanings and it’s recommended that most patients have one every six months, which plays a vital role in maintaining good oral health.

What does a deep dental cleaning entail?

A dental deep cleaning, also referred to as root planing or scaling, entails special techniques to rid the mouth of tartar, plaque, and bacteria that exists underneath the gum line down into the tooth roots. This prevents gum disease from developing and causing loss of teeth. The goal of routine cleaning is prevention and maintenance, and the purpose of a deep cleaning is to go beyond what is exposed above the gum line. Deep cleaning can halt the progression of gum disease, and should not be put off, otherwise even worse conditions can develop.

How do I know if I need a deep cleaning?

Not every patient needs a deep dental cleaning. But for patients who have gingivitis, which is the initial stage of gum disease (or gum disease that has advanced), then a deep cleaning may be necessary to stop further damage and prevent loss of teeth. Gum disease does not always have pain associated with it or show obvious symptoms, so it can be difficult for the everyday person to know when they need a deeper cleaning. Signs that you may need more cleaning than what a routine checkup requires include gums that easily bleed, consistently having a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath, loose or separating permanent teeth, swollen or red gums, gum tenderness, and gums that have pulled away from the teeth.

Is a deep cleaning going to be uncomfortable?

Many people dislike going to the dentist because they worry about pain and discomfort. What will make the difference is visiting a dental clinic that listens to patients and prioritizes their comfort, such as the team at TruGlo Modern Dental. Deep cleaning should not be painful, but your dentist will apply a numbing solution so you are more at ease. During the deep cleaning, your dentist will utilize tools to scrape plaque from the teeth both below and above the gumline. They may also use a vibrating ultrasonic tool with a metal tip along with water to rinse and wash tartar away. If you need root planing, this is more of a rubbing motion to smoothen rough areas on the teeth root which make it difficult for bacteria to get stuck to them.

There may come a time when you need more than what a routine dental cleaning can offer, which is why deeper dental cleaning approaches have been created. By addressing issues that lie beneath the gum line, it boosts the health and strength of teeth and promotes good dental hygiene into the future.