How Often Should My Kid Visit the Dentist?

Healthy oral health habits can pay off in dividends over the period of one’s entire lifetime. Because your oral health is so connected to your overall health, it’s important to instill those healthy dental habits into your child’s life early on. You may wonder how often should my kid visit the dentist, what needs to be done at home, and when they should be brought in for their first appointment. Because the field of dentistry has changed and improved over the last few decades, these are all completely valid questions. Below you will find helpful information on when and how often your child should be visiting the dentist.

Regular Dental Checkups for Your Child

Children should have their first checkup with the dentist when their first tooth comes in, or on their first birthday, whichever happens first. If your child does not have any baby teeth by the time they turn one you should definitely get them in for a dental checkup. After their first visit, it is recommended that children visit the dentist every six months. The checkup involves X-rays, a dental exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

How Often Should My Kid Visit the Dentist?

Even if your child has no issues at their six-month checkups, you should still continue regular visits to stay on top of their good oral health. Tooth decay and cavities are the most common issue children face when it comes to dental health. Roughly half of children under the age of 18 have cavities. This is why it’s important to stay consistent with your child’s oral health.

Children with Unique Dental Issues

Dental checkups every six months apply to the average child. However, children with recurring dental issues may require checkups every three months. This is based on the recommendation of your family dentist in Hollywood and should be followed in order to ensure that your child’s oral health gets back to normal. Some of the common recurring dental issues that children can face include cavities, tooth decay, and even inflammation. Childhood is an important time to build healthy oral hygiene habits to combat possible dental issues.

Instilling healthy habits can help your child’s future dental health outcomes as adults. Regular dental checkups are a great way to help your child maintain their oral health. However, regular dental visits are not the only way to keep your child healthy. Working on healthy and consistent habits at home is also vital for your child’s overall dental health. This means brushing at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush for at least two minutes.

Put on a fun song and brush your teeth with your child so they can associate oral hygiene with good memories. Your child should also be flossing at least once a day. If they only floss once, have them floss at night. Try and supervise them flossing to ensure they are getting in between every tooth. Lastly, talk with your child about the importance of oral health so that they understand why they need to keep up with their oral care routine.

Dentist in Hollywood, CA

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