At TruGLO Modern Dental, our number one goal is to save your natural teeth. Our office believes in preserving your teeth whenever possible. We do not want to extract your teeth and only consider it a last resort. If you have damaged or painful teeth, our preferred treatment is restoration. We can restore and preserve teeth with crowns, veneers, or root canal therapy. 

However, there will be cases where extraction is necessary due to damage or decay. The good news is that with advancements in dental tech and anesthesia, our dentists can perform a safe and comfortable extraction.



Physical trauma and accidents can happen at any moment. Sometimes these incidents can severely damage the physical structure of your tooth. It is damaging them beyond repair.


If you’ve been experiencing pain and tooth discomfort, one cause can be an infection. Putting off seeing the dentist can lead the infection to damage your tooth beyond repair. So extraction is needed to prevent the infection from spreading.


All young adults will eventually have their wisdom teeth grow out. In many instances, the wisdom tooth can grow in an awkward position resulting in a painful impaction. Due to the lack of room in the jaw, the wisdom teeth will need to be removed.


Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars to arrive in our lifetime. These molars generally develop during our late teens and early twenties. Our wisdom teeth come out during one’s transition time from child to adulthood, a time when we’re wiser. Hence the name wisdom teeth.

Our mouths can’t accommodate wisdom teeth for many patients, so extractions are needed. Wisdom teeth are your third molars that grow out during your later teen years. The issue with not having enough space is impaction. With insufficient room to grow, your wisdom teeth can grow sideways and impact nearby teeth. This tooth impaction and crowding can be pretty painful. When this is evident on X-rays, wisdom teeth removal is warranted. Our dentists can help with simple extractions. If the wisdom teeth are impacted in bone or close to nerves, these complicated cases can be referred to an oral surgeon.


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At TruGLO Modern Dental, we understand that patients have real fears of tooth extractions. The good news is that an extraction isn’t as bad as you might think. With modern pain management, patients don’t feel any significant pain with removal.

Tooth extractions fall into the complex or straightforward surgical categories. At TruGLO, we’re experienced in both. Simple extractions involve an exposed tooth that we can gently pull out. The complex extractions can involve teeth impacted or lodged into your bone. Both procedures commonly only need local anesthesia; our office also provides custom sedation options. This aid ensures that patients can receive the proper level of comfort suited for their unique needs.


After your tooth is pulled, expect to feel soreness and see swelling for several days. This is a quite common and perfectly natural occurrence. These symptoms can be controlled with Ibuprofen and a cold compress. Our dental office also encourages patients to eat soft foods a couple of days after. Foods like jellos and yogurts help ease the transition to solid foods later on after healing.

Some important notes to keep in mind during your recovery are:

  • Blood clots – Following extraction surgery, it’s essential for a blood clot to form. To help this process, you can bite on the gauze pad for an hour after your procedure.
  • Smoking and straws – We recommend refraining from straw and tobacco use for a few days post-surgery. Using these products can dislodge the clot, leading to a dry socket, a severe condition.
  • Pain and tenderness – As the local anesthetic wears off, expect to feel sore for a few days. Feeling any discomfort will be managed with over-the-counter meds such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.


So if you’re having a dental emergency and need a same-day appointment, call TruGLO Modern Dental. We will see if your tooth is savable. If not, our dentist can do the extraction.


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