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Gummy Smile Treatment Hollywood, CA

Gummy Smile Treatment Hollywood, CA- happy woman with yellow backgroundIt is not uncommon for our practice to receive calls from people looking to find out what type of gummy smile treatment Hollywood, CA patients recommend that we provide. A gummy smile is basically just a smile that shows too much of the patient’s gums. It is estimated that as many as 10 percent of adults have gummy smiles. The issue seems to be more common in women than in men. At TruGlo Modern Dentistry, we have several options for our patients. Below are some of the most popular.

Orthodontic Treatment

For patients whose gummy smiles are caused by an improper bite or jaw issues, orthodontic treatments may be just what you need. When your smile is aligned correctly, the gums will likely show less and this minimizes the appearance of a gummy smile. Fixing these issues will also alleviate any discomfort these problems may also be causing you.


When a patient has a scaling procedure, the plaque is removed from each tooth all the way to the roots. This also includes removing plaque from under the gums. Once the scaling is done, your dentist can smooth out the roots of the teeth, helping the gums to reattach. This procedure not only provides a deep cleansing but is also a good Hollywood gummy smile treatment.

Crowns and Veneers

As long as there are no underlying oral health issues causing the gummy smile issue, treating the condition aesthetically by attaching crowns or veneers can help lessen the look of a gummy smile. Crowns and veneers make the teeth look larger and longer, so they appear more proportionate to your gums.


A gingivectomy is basically a crown-lengthening procedure. The dentist will remove gum tissue from the tooth, which then exposes more of the tooth. This is also referred to as gum contouring surgery.

Another option for gum contouring is using lasers instead of cutting. The dentist uses a laser to move back the patient’s gum line.

There is some discomfort following both of these procedures.


Some patients suffer from a hyperactive lip. This issue can cause the upper lip to raise and expose the patient’s gum line. Although some people choose lip repositioning surgery, which surgically moves the lip down to hide the gums, another less invasive procedure is Botox injections into the upper lip. The Botox calms the movements down so less of the patient’s gums show during smiling. Unlike surgery, which is a permanent solution, Botox injections are only a temporary fix for hyperactive lip and usually wears off within six months or so.

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