Benefits of Removing a Tooth

While you may want to keep your natural tooth, some dental issues require extraction. In some cases, extraction is more beneficial than keeping your natural tooth. Below you will find the benefits of removing a tooth.

Benefits of Removing a Tooth

There is no need to worry if your dentist suggests that you get your tooth extracted. If your dentist recommends this, that means that it is the best option for you. In fact, you’ll likely experience a variety of benefits from getting your tooth removed versus keeping it in.

  • Removes the Dental Issue Itself: Sometimes the tooth itself is the problem, so removing it is the best option. Without removing the tooth, the dental issue could spread to your surrounding teeth, gums, and even your body (in the case of an infection.) Infections in just one tooth can cause major issues, so removing the problem itself can help get your oral health back on track.
  • Pain Reliever: Removing your natural tooth can relieve you from pain. Many dental issues start with a small amount of pain that gets progressively worse if the issue goes untreated. Removing your tooth can drastically reduce your pain levels and allow you to start fresh with a tooth replacement.
  • Improves Oral Health: Not only can a tooth extraction improve your oral health, but it can also save the rest of your teeth. Because so many dental issues can impact your surrounding teeth, getting a problematic tooth out can ensure that none of your teeth are innocent bystanders of the dental issue. This not only improves your oral health but also saves you a lot of time and money.

Dental Issues and Tooth Extraction

There are a variety of dental issues that may require extraction. It’s important to discuss your options with a qualified dentist, but often an extraction may be necessary in the following circumstances.

  • Infection: Untreated tooth decay can lead to an infection. Removal is necessary to protect your dental and overall health. This is because an infection can be lethal if not taken care of early on.
  • Overcrowding: The most common issue when it comes to overcrowding is the arrival of your wisdom teeth. If you don’t have enough space in your mouth, your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Failing to remove your wisdom teeth can lead to issues with your tooth alignment, cause you pain, and even impact your speech.
  • Trauma: Certain traumatic events or accidents can impact your tooth or teeth to a point of no return. A dental professional can assess the issues and determine whether your natural teeth can be saved.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction in Hollywood is one of the most common dental procedures. Due to the effects of natural aging, dental issues, and even accidents, tooth extraction is a natural part of life. The procedure itself is smooth and very fast due to modern technology. In addition, pain management methods have helped make the process much easier on patients, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of the procedure itself. The recovery process can last for a few days as swelling and soreness are completely normal. As long as you follow the instructions of your dental provider post-procedure, you should have a very smooth recovery.

Modern Dentist in Hollywood

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