Can You Fix a Broken Crown?

A crown is a restorative treatment that covers a damaged tooth. It is highly effective and looks and functions just like your natural tooth. Depending on the type of material used, they can last well over a decade if taken care of properly. However, there are instances where crowns break. You may wonder, can you fix a broken crown? Below you will find more information on what you should do if you find that your crown has broken.

Can You Fix a Broken Crown?

Sometimes a broken crown is obvious and other times you may wonder what the issue is. Consider the following types of damage that can help you determine if your crown is broken.

  • Dislodged Crown: If your crown has completely dislodged, it’s important to get dental treatment to address the issue. An untreated dislodged crown can cause a number of issues with your speech and chewing, in addition to an infection in some cases.
  • Full Break: If a large portion of your crown has chipped off, you’ll likely need to get it replaced. This can be due to an injury to your mouth or from biting down on something hard. This is generally pretty obvious and you should call your dentist to make an appointment to get your crown replaced.
  • Chipped Crown: If a smaller portion of your crown has chipped off, you may need to get your crown replaced. However, you may be able to fix the issue without replacing the entire crown. This completely depends on the type, location, and size of the chip. Talk with your dentist about the issue to see the best course of action.
  • Cracked Crown: A crack can be up, down, or across your crown. These are usually obvious to the naked eye. Depending on the state of your crown, a crack may be fixed without having to replace it entirely.
  • Hairline Fracture: A hairline fracture may not be able to be seen with a naked eye. In fact, sometimes only a dentist can see the fracture. The good news: you can likely fix it with bonding.

Broken Crowns: Dental Emergency?

If you know that your crown has broken or experienced damage, it likely may not prove a dental emergency. However, if you have any additional symptoms it becomes important to contact a dental professional. The following symptoms, in addition to a broken or cracked crown, may be a cause for concern.

  • Heightened dental sensitivity
  • Bleeding
  • Aches, pain, or discomfort around the impacted tooth
  • Feelings of misalignment or issues with one’s bite
  • Rough or uneven tooth texture unlike before

In most cases a broken crown is not something you should worry about. However, you should address it within the first few days of the issue. Untreated crown damage can result in issues with your speech, chewing, digestion, and possibly an infection.

Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crown treatment takes two visits. The first visit includes prepping your tooth and receiving a temporary crown. You may need to address the underlying issue that prompts your need for a dental crown. The second appointment involves the actual placement of your permanent crown. Dental crowns in Hollywood can add strength to your tooth, restore your smile, and cover up discoloration. They are also helpful in providing a cover for a dental implant, attaching a dental bridge, or holding a filling together.

If you need a crown or have broken your crown, the team at TruGlo Modern Dental can help restore your smile. They are the top location for cosmetic and family dentistry in Hollywood. Contact their office today for an appointment!