Mistakes to Avoid with Dentures

Dentures are a way to replace teeth that have been lost due to natural aging or due to an injury. Roughly fifteen percent of people who lose their teeth get dentures. Dentures can be an investment for many, so maintaining them can be helpful. Below you will find the common mistakes to avoid so you can be sure your dentures last.

Mistake 1—Brushing Less:

Treat your dentures just as you would your natural teeth in terms of brushing. Just because you have full or partial dentures does not mean you can stop taking care of your natural teeth, tongue, and gums. As you regularly would, brush at least twice a day for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can continue using toothpaste with fluoride if you have any natural teeth left. Brush your tongue and your gums well to ensure that any harmful bacteria is removed. Your oral hygiene routine should not change dramatically because of dentures.

Mistake 2—Brushing Roughly:

While you don’t want to reduce your brushing due to dentures, you may need to modify the way you brush and care for your mouth in some ways. Before you brush your dentures, rinse them well with water and use a non-abrasive cleanser to clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You’ll want to remove the adhesive used to connect the dentures to your mouth to ensure that it doesn’t build up. Be gentle as they can scratch if you brush them too hard. Follow your dentist’s recommendations for the best cleaners for your dentures.

Mistake 3—Leaving Dentures to Dry:

You don’t want to let your denture dry when you take them out, so be sure and cover them in water in a clean container. Dried dentures can become damaged due to warping, and this will impact the way they fit in your mouth. Talk with your dentist about whether you should keep them in water alone or a special cleaning solution.

Mistake 4—Avoiding Caution:

Dentures may seem sturdy, but they can break. Be sure and use caution when cleaning them or taking them out as they can crack and chip if they fall.

Mistake 5—Stains:

Avoid stains by treating your dentures the same way you would your natural teeth. Just like your natural teeth, your dentures can stain from things like coffee, tea, red wine, and even chewing tobacco or smoking. If this happens, talk with your dentist as regular teeth whiteners can harm your dentures.

Mistake 6—Skipping the Dentist:

Just as you regularly would, you’ll need to visit the dentist at least every six months if not sooner for regular checkups. Your dentures may need adjustments, and your natural teeth and gums will still need to be examined. While you can do your best to maintain your dentures, you may need to get them refitted or replaced over time.

If you already have dentures and avoid the mistakes above by taking proper care of your dentures, they should last between seven to ten years. They will gradually wear and tear due to regular use. So it’s best to get them replaced before they cause any issues. Dentists recommend replacement every five to eight years to avoid problems.

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